Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Enabling Apps from Unknown Sources on your Firestick or Fire TV is required before installing any of the available Android APK streaming applications used in the jailbreak process.

These Firestick apps will never be included in the Amazon App Store. Because of this, you must enable apps from unknown sources first.

Steps to Enable Apps From Unknown Sources

To watch all the free streaming movies and TV shows available online, this step must be done first.

  1. From your Amazon Fire TV Stick Home Screen, go to Settings > System > Device.
  2. Scroll down to Developer Options and click it.
  3. If Apps from Unknown Sources is Off, change it to On.

This first step to jailbreaking a Fire TV or Firestick is necessary to install apps not found in Amazon's App Store. It may seem a bit silly, but Amazon considers any app not found in their app store to be from unknown sources.

Safety (And Anonymity) First

Enabling apps from unknown sources is the primary method to jailbreak a Firestick with apps not available in the Amazon App Store. Before availing yourself of all the great apps available outside the Amazon App Store, you may also want to block access to your identity, location, and activities.

Keep Firestick Activities Private

This two-part process within our jailbreaking method is crucial. Blocking your online activities from the spying eyes of your ISP, government agencies, and other hackers and marketers is critical.

Note that in many areas, much of the content Kodi third-party addons find and offer you to watch online is considered illegal. Make sure you're aware of the laws where you live.

CAUTION: Your exposed IP address is

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Stop Amazon from Collecting App Usage Data

The first step to protecting yourself online is telling Amazon to stay out of your business. The law forces them to provide access to this preference setting, so take advantage of it.

  1. Scroll to the right in your Firestick menu to Settings.
  2. Within the Settings area, click on Applications.
  3. Now simply turn off Collect App Usage Data.

While this keeps Amazon from gathering some data about you, there is still plenty they and others collect if you don't make sure your Surfshark VPN app is running and connected.

Block Unwanted Eyes From Your Firestick Activities

It's well known in the Kodi community that free VPN services cannot be trusted to keep you anonymous. Most of these sell your information to keep their servers running and families fed.

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