Install Downloader App on Firestick

If you want to install Android apps not found in the Amazon App Store onto a Firestick, enabling apps from unknown sources is usually not enough.

You also need an app capable of sideloading to get the app install file (APK) downloaded and installed. One of our favorite utility apps for this purpose is the Downloader app from AFTV. Downloader itself is very conveniently found in the Amazon App Store.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, and even the Fire TV Cube will happily run most Android apps once installed with their APK installer files.

The trouble until recently has been getting these Android app APK installation files onto the Amazon Firestick in the first place. For years, this has required connecting with your phone or computer and transferring the APK file to the Amazon Firestick. This is no longer necessary with the Downloader app.

Install Downloader App on Firestick

In most regions that have a local Amazon App Store presence, you will find the Downloader app readily available. As a result, the steps required to install this essential Firestick app are extraordinarily easy.

  1. From the Amazon Firestick home screen, navigate to the Search function by clicking to the far left in the top menu.
  2. While in the search field, start typing Downloader until you see the Downloader app appear in the list of results below.
  3. Scroll down to and click on Downloader when it appears.

At this point, you may simply follow the prompts to download and install this free app from the Amazon App Store.

Once installed, you can find Downloader in Your Apps & Channels.

Enable Javascript in Downloader App

In order to download and install some third-party apps onto the Firestick, you will need to enable javascript. The app side loading process should go without a hitch when the websites load that you visit in the Downloader browser to grab the APK files.

  1. Within the Downloader app, select the Settings option in the left menu.
  2. Scroll to the Enable Javascript item, then make sure the checkbox next to it is checked by clicking on it.
  3. When you get the javascript warning, simply click Yes to continue.

You may wish to turn javascript off when not using it. This is a good security precaution for your Firestick and makes some web pages load faster. If you have trouble with a website not displaying properly, you can always turn javascript back on to view it.

Enjoy Your Firestick Your Way!

A Firestick without a good side loading app installed is just a humdrum device intended to pull money from a pocket. Pretty soon, you too will believe that Downloader app is one of the most essential utility applications you can install on this great streaming device.

This great utility app is certainly a must-have and one of the first items that should be installed on the Firestick of any cord cutter on a budget.

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