Best Kodi Firestick Movie & TV Add-ons

The Amazon Firestick is the world's most popular streaming device. With Kodi installed, it can also be the most powerful. I say "can" because Kodi only works as well as its installed addons.

While there are hundreds of third-party Kodi addons, most of them don't work or are troublesome at best. From outdated scrapers to poorly maintained playlists, working Kodi addons can be frustrating to keep updated.

Torrent Video Streaming

Thankfully, torrent streaming provides high-speed VOD (video-on-demand) without all the video buffering. While the Bittorrent network is even less private than direct stream links found on sites like Reddit, using your encrypted VPN makes this a moot point.

Also, some of the most active Kodi add-on developers now take advantage of cached torrent streams from private debrid servers. This provides the best streaming experience I've ever had.

the best working cached torrent streaming kodi addons installed in titanium build from supreme builds wizard
My Favorite Torrent Streaming Addons Installed in Kodi Titanium Build

I wish I'd learned about streaming cached torrents with Kodi years ago. Of course, it's much easier to do these days.

Here are the top performing Kodi addons at this time. Every one of these can use the torrent network and/or cached torrent multi-hoster debrid services for the fastest download and streaming speeds.

Kodi AddonRepo
The CrewTeam Crew
The Top 5 Kodi Addons Today

More information on my picks for top Kodi addon is provided below. I also share a few other special addons that work great with your Kodi Firestick.

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Watch Kodi Video Streams Privately

Your IP address provides the exact location of your Kodi Amazon Fire Stick. This information is freely available to everyone on the network if you don't connect through an encrypted VPN.

Most updated and new Kodi addons now use the Bittorrent protocol. On the torrent network, your IP address is intentionally placed in the open to get the attention of peers and seeds.

When not connected through your Surfshark VPN app, your location is broadcast to any hacker or spy wanting to find you.

Everyone on the network can see your Fire Stick download and streaming activity (and location!) when you don't connect through a secure VPN.

CAUTION: Your exposed IP address is

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Surfshark VPN apps use extremely secure military-grade 256bit AES encryption for most any internet device to access VPN servers all over the world. Their free Firestick app is the best available—and easiest to use.

Top Working Kodi Add-ons

There are usually over a hundred Kodi add-ons reported to stream free movies, TV shows and sports. Most are far less than reliable.

The addons presented here are checked every week for working streams. While the order of these addons shows my preference, your interests and streaming device capabilities may be different.

Check a few of these Kodi addons out, as they all work great. Also, be sure to try an integrated debrid service for the most high-speed streams.


This top ranked Kodi addon comes from a community favorite developer going by the handle of NixGates. Seren with Real-Debrid is really all you need on your Kodi Firestick for streaming on-demand movies and TV shows.

Note that the Seren Kodi addon will not work without a debrid account. I highly recommend Real-Debrid . Most shows and movies are cached and ready to watch on their available file-host servers.

This high speed streaming video addon also works great with your Premiumize and AllDebrid subscriptions.

seren premium hoster and torrent streaming kodi addon
Seren Real-Debrid Account Setup

When hooked up to your Real-Debrid account, Seren will access cached torrent files stored on their 50+ premium file hosting services. You can also search the BitTorrent network for titles and have the torrent downloaded to your private Real-Debrid cloud for fast direct streaming.

Be careful, as Seren's ease-of-use and features may have you binge watching series episodes until you pass out. Note that the following features require a free Trakt account.

  • Up Next
  • Auto Playlist Creation
  • Auto Episode Resume
  • Pre-emptive Scraping

By the way, NixGates worked hard to get Seren ready and ported over to Python 3 for the latest Kodi v19 Matrix release. Seren was one of the very first addons available for Kodi Matrix; great news for those with entertainment systems that support static HDR10 and dynamic Dolby Vision HDR.


This addon is intended for—and a favorite of many—advanced Kodi users. Honestly, this great addon is not very difficult to set up and enjoy—even for most new Kodi users.

FEN specializes in providing access to your Furk and Easynews web accounts, but it doesn't stop there…

If you don't have a Furk or EasyNews account, the FEN Kodi addon includes its own FenomScrapers module.

This Kodi addon works great with popular debrid service providers. Some of the FEN debrid integrations include Real-Debrid , Premiumize , and AllDebrid .

real-debrid cached torrent streams in fen
FEN Real-Debrid Cached Torrent Search Results

You can even have the FEN addon search up to five selected local directories for media files. Simply tell FEN within its internal scrapers settings area which directories hold your audio and video files.

FEN integration with Trakt makes this Kodi addon perfect for a complete audiovisual entertainment center.

The Crew

The Crew Kodi addon is a clean fork of Exodus with many added features and curated niche categories.

Aside from movies and TV shows, The Crew boasts categories for Sports, IPTV, shows for Kids, 1-click shows, Standup Comedy, and even Radio.

The IPTV category contains over 10 "Live Channels" sub-categories. It also provides the venerated Fluxus IPTV lists, XUMO TV, Tubi TV, Stratus TV, and content from many more IPTV service providers.

The "CC Collections" category in The Crew holds many great curated lists. Some of the items found within at this time are "Tarrantino collection," "Best of the 80's," and someone's idea of a "Greatest Movies of All Time" curated list. Others collections in this category include sci-fi, horror, crime, thriller, fantasy, comedy, and more.

Settings for The Crew are super-simple to modify. The addon includes all the important settings right within a special category for easy access.

the crew kodi exodus alternative addon
The Crew Settings Area

Note that this addon installs the Kodi YouTube addon, which is great to access its curated collections including the appropriately named "Ambient" sub-category. The Ambient collection contains great environmental selections such as Fireplaces, rain sounds, and even seasonal favorites (Christmas, Halloween, etc).

There is a top-level category named "Additional Addons" containing installers for "Mad Titan," "Chain Reaction," "Base," and "Wasteland" addons. The Crew goes deeper than that. Found within the Mad Titan addon is an installer for the community favorite Kodi addon "Ghost."

I'll let you browse around in this great all-in-one addon to see what other surprises await down this rabbit hole.


This Exodus fork has a huge following. Venom sports a clean layout and cached torrent streaming capabilities.

Similar to the feature available in Seren, The Crew can be setup to auto-play the next episode when watching a series. You can even browse TV shows by series or individual episodes.

Venom uses OpenScrapers to find video links. As OpenScrapers is frequently updated, this provides tons of working streams through any integrated debrid service.

The Real-Debrid and Premiumize integration in Venom for Kodi maximizes the availability of working, high-speed streams for most shows that are scraped. Be sure to setup your debrid account details in URLResolver and/or ResolveURL. You can easily access this from the Venom settings area.

The Venom addon also installs and uses the Fenom scraper from the FEN Kodi addon to maximize available streams. I still advise using a debrid account, as that will guarantee the fastest, most reliable streams to avoid buffering.


Perhaps the most powerful streaming Kodi addon of all time, Gaia is a highly modified fork of the legendary Bubbles Kodi addon. This addon has tons of great features.

Gaia can access both torrents and cached torrent downloads, file hosters, streaming services, and Usenet NZB files. This powerhouse addon is highly optimized for debrid services including my favorite… the fantastic Offcloud . You can also use your Real-Debrid and Premiumize accounts to cache torrents and play them back with no noticable buffering.

If you like to tweek your Kodi install for optimal performance, then the support tools available in this addon make Gaia worth checking out.

The Gaia addon has a slick, professionally designed interface for quick navigation and content exploration. The Gaia team are really into making this addon both powerful and easy to use.

Within Gaia, you'll find a massive collection of built-in providers. Trakt and LightPack also have first-class integration.

Honestly, the Gaia Kodi addon would be higher ranked except that it requires massive computational resources to run properly. If you install it on your Kodi Firestick, you won't want anything else but a VPN running at the same time. This powerful addon may be better suited to install on a high-spec Windows, Mac, or Linux HTPC… or an NVidia Shield.

Special Mention Kodi Torrent Addons


This addon for Kodi gets a special mention, as it simply allows you to access and manage your Real-Debrid cloud files. Combined with the Real-Debrid ability to download torrent files directly into your own private multi-hoster cloud storage, this simple addon is a real winner.

Exodus Redux

Exodus has long been the Kodi addon most cord cutters consider their favorite for free movies and TV shows. While the original Exodus addon goes down and gets taken offline quite often, this consistently updated copy works wonderfully.

The Magic Dragon

A fully updated fork of a popular Kodi addon named "The Dogs Bollocks," The Magic Dragon finds tons of free movies and TV shows. Now hosted in the Diamond Build repository, this great addon receives regular updates and should provide excellent service for a long time.

If the Diamond Build repository gives you trouble or seems to be offline, The Magic Dragon can also be found in the EzzerMacs repo at


Another decendant of Genesis and Exodus, this updated fork of the great Covenant Kodi addon provides tons of free streaming movies and TV shows.


Much like the Realizer Kodi addon provides access to Real-Debrid, the Premiumizer addon allows you to manage your Premiumize cloud. Unlike Real-Debrid, this debrid multi-hoster service also provides direct access to Usenet downloads.

The Premiumize hoster service does not have as many cached torrent streaming videos available as Real-Debrid, though adding titles to your cloud account is still easy.

Many Kodi users swear by this multi-hoster even though prices are higher than Real-Debrid. Premiumize also has a "Fair Use System" that places monthly bandwidth limits on your access to the debrid service, though "Boosters" may be purchased.


FoxyStreams is a very lightweight and fast addon, making it perfect for smaller devices such as the Amazon Firestick. With its Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and AllDebrid integration, streaming with no noticable buffering is expected.

That being said, the FoxyStreams Kodi addon is not for everyone.

For one thing, it includes adult content. This alone actually makes it illegal to use in many countries.


This favored fork of the Quasar P2P addon works great, though takes a bit more effort than the addons above. Constant updates made by the developer will keep it working great for years to come.

Installing Elementum on a Kodi Firestick is a bit different than the process used by the rest of the addons on this list.

  1. Visit the address above using the Downloader app on your Firestick.
  2. Download the Android "ARM" zip file.
  3. Install Elementum with the "Install from zip file" function found in the Kodi addon manager.

Beware of Hackers & Malware

When using torrent video streams in Kodi, you will likely come upon videos that claim "xvid codec may be required to view video." This is an old phishing lure to trick you into installing malware.

Simply stop playback, close the video, and choose another stream.

I find that turning off hosters with captchas in Kodi settings usually stops these phishing attempts from showing up.


With all the broken Kodi addons circulating in the scene, it's nice to know some developers still keep their plugins updated and working. Especially with torrent streaming and cached torrent debrid services, using Kodi is sure to please even the most picky streamer.